Experts insist it's not necessary to wear a mask to prevent coronavirus infection. | Jaume Morey

The Balearic Department of Health has activated new measures to combat the threat of coronavirus in the Balearic Islands.

The Head of the Ministry of Health, Patricia Gómez and Dr Javier Arranz, who’s an infectious diseases expert, again called for "calm and tranquility" on Thursday when they revealed new plans to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus and changes in treatment for those diagnosed with mild symptoms.

Patricia Gómez acknowledged that "contradictory information" had caused confusion and alarm and said an Inter-departmental Commission is being created to help improve the flow of information about the disease, which will represent the Ministry of Education, the Government Delegation and the FELIB and other institutions.

Home care

Eight teams are now available in Majorca take care of patients with mild symptoms at home.

This will avoid unnecessary hospital admissions and analytical tests will be done to economise on available kits in the face of a predictable increase in demand and supply problems,” said Dr Arranz.

This new healthcare protocol means that there will be a delay in obtaining the results, but as long as the patient does not have serious pathologies, they will be able to wait at home.

“Any patients who are tourists will be hospitalised and the Public Health Department will decide what measures need to be taken with regard to their accommodation and confinement,” said Dr Arranz.

He also explained that "a positive case in six-room accommodation is not the same as in a one-thousand-room hotel,” and emphasised that “the goal is to find out who’s been in contact with the patient to prevent the spread of the disease.”

Only positive

The Health Ministry has also announced that in order to calm anxiety over the spread of coronavirus, no information will be provided about suspected patients in future and data about those who’ve been diagnosed will be limited.

Erasmus Students Return From Italy

Three of the UIB’s 23 Erasmus students in northern Italy, have asked to be temporarily returned for various reasons.

The UIB is in constant touch with students studying Erasmus programs and says it's happy to answer any questions Spanish students in Italy or Italian students in Majorca may have about coronavirus.