Plaça Major owners met on Monday. | Jaume Morey


Owners of commercial units beneath the Plaça Major in Palma will not give the town hall their authorisation to convert the space into a car park. The community of owners says that if the town hall pursues this option, legal action will be taken.

The president, Bernat Feliu, explains that conversion into a car park would mean a change of use and the modification of communal features which belong to the owners. The town hall would therefore need their consent, something which "we will never give". The moment they touch these features, "we will file a lawsuit".

The owners consider the idea for a car park to be "absurd and inexplicable", while they have no objection to the other town hall idea for a mix of uses - retail, gastronomy and for associations.

They say that the town hall has ignored them "outrageously" and have been unable to get a meeting with Alberto Jarabo, the town hall's spokesperson and councillor for internal government. They add that they believe a supermarket is essential but that this had to close because of "municipal dictatorship".

Ever since the town hall took back the management of the existing Plaça Major car park and the units beneath the Plaça Major which are its property, "it has been acting as if everything is its and doesn't have to take anyone else into account".