Court date set for trial of man who beat up a tourist in Magalluf. | Michel


A man who allegedly violently attacked a tourist in Magaluf five years ago could be jailed for 3 years.

The defendant was reportedly closing up a cocktail bar at around 0400 on August 5, 2015, when he allegedly violently attacked and punched a Portuguese man for no reason.

Witnesses say the victim suffered severe head trauma, had multiple fractures to his skull and face and lost consciousness.

Emergency services personnel stabilised him at the scene before transferring him to the ICU and he was kept in hospital for two months.

Very serious injuries

As a result of his injuries the victim has lost some of his hearing, suffers from dizziness and headaches and has several scars, including one on his head that’s 26 centimetres and another that’s 4 centimetres long under his left eye.

The Prosecutor's Office is asking the court to order the defendant and the cocktail bar he worked in to pay the victim 116,000 euros in compensation and all medical expenses.