A docotor is getting dressed inside an ambulance. | Salut


The Balearics health ministry announced on Thursday that home attention teams for people suffering from coronavirus in Majorca and Minorca are in position to be used.

The ministry said last week that it would be adopting this approach if patient circumstances permit it. The health service stresses that this attention will be safe and only for patients with mild symptoms and where it can be guaranteed that others cannot be infected. Patients with chronic or previous complaints or with severe symptoms will not be cared for at home. The same applies to women who are pregnant and to people with immune deficiency.

The teams, comprising a doctor, a nurse and a driver, will combine home visits with telephone contact to check on patients. They will also explain measures that patients must adopt during the period that they are being monitored.

The ministry adds that teams for Ibiza and Formentera will be in place shortly.