Tourism minister Iago Negueruela | Laurca Becerra


Tourism minister Iago Negueruela said on Wednesday that the 'tourism of excesses' decree is "not against tourists" but about protecting tourism quality.

Negueruela had attended the Tuesday meeting of the nightlife working party that has been established by Calvia town hall, at which he explained that the government and town hall are acting together in improving tourist product quality in Magalluf and in advancing sustainable tourism.

The decree had been "necessary" for tackling drunken tourism. In the process, he added, employment will be improved and the profitability of establishments will increase.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez emphasised Calvia's "leadership" in the fight against tourism of excesses and in favour of a sustainable, economic and social tourism. The mayor informed the meeting on Tuesday that the town hall will be taking part in the promotional activities organised by the Council of Majorca because of the cancellation of the Berlin ITB tourism fair.