First arrest in Palma for disobeying coronavirus State of Emergency. | A. Sepulveda


A Spanish man has been arrested in Palma and charged with a crime of disobedience for refusing to stay in his house during the State of Emergency. He is the first person to be detained in Palma for ignoring the coronavirus restrictions.

Police were patrolling the streets around Parc sa Feixina at around 2230 on Tuesday when they noticed the 48 year old standing around doing nothing. They approached him and informed him of the restrictions limiting the movement of residents and asked him to go home.

When he ignored them they reminded him again that he was not allowed to loiter in the streets and must go home.

At that point he allegedly insulted the Officers who sanctioned him, then again told him to go home.

The defendant then allegedly said “from here I am going to Portopí and nobody will stop me,” and the Police say that left them no choice but to detain him.

Anyone who doesn’t abide by the lockdown regulations will be fined between 600 and 30,000 euros.