Balearic Islands bans air and sea travel. | Ultima Hora


All National and International Commercial flights and ships have been banned from the Balearic Islands and passengers will not be allowed to disembark from planes or boats.

This latest hike in measures to combat Covid-19 was announced by the President of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol after a meeting with those responsible for the islands? ports and airports.

The restrictions basically means that Balearic air and maritime space is now closed with a few exceptions for medical treatment, essential service work, the departure of foreign tourists and the return of Majorcans who are overseas. The ban also includes private charters and air taxis.

Francina Armengol confirmed via Twitter that one daily flight, per company will be allowed from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia to Palma and one daily flight from Barcelona and Madrid to Menorca and Ibiza. There will also be one daily flight per company in each direction between Ibiza, Minorca and Majorca.

The Government's new restrictions are mandatory, planes cannot be completely filled and will have to fly at a third of their capacity.

Francina Armengol pointed out that in terms of International flights, with the current restrictions "there will be very few" because they are in full "operation return" repatriating around 25,000 tourists from the Balearic Islands.

Balearic airports will make sure that when tourists are departing "that there are no accumulations and large screening areas will be enabled."

The disembarkation of passengers from regular line ships, pleasure boats, private and rented, are also banned.

"No passenger may reach the Balearic Islands by sea," said Armengol.

Shipping companies will be allowed three daily routes for the outward journey and another three for the return journey between Ibiza and Formentera and freight truck drivers will be allowed to disembark.

The ministerial order also allows the Government to carry out health checks at ports and airports, to which all passengers arriving from abroad will be subjected.

Passengers on the few planes and ships that are allowed to function will have to complete a questionnaire which will be used for screening purposes by Health Professionals.

The objective is to ensure that the people who arrive are in optimal health and if a problem is detected, the passenger will be referred to the health services.

The head of the Regional Executive insisted that the supply of goods and materials is "guaranteed" and thanked the efforts of all the professionals involved.

Armengol also pointed out that the Ministerial Order will be published in the Official State Gazette, or BOE on Tuesday and that the new regulations will remain in force for the duration of the State of Emergency in Spain.