Ariadna Salvador y Pau Navarro, Clandestí. | Ultima Hora

Chefs in Majorca have launched an intitiative called Chefsin to help those who have to stay indoors by cooking live on Instagram.

The aim is to offer recipes that are easy, entertaining and give those of us on lockdown some new ideas for healthy food to eat at home during the State of Emergency caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

It kicks off at 1200 on Wednesday, March 18, with Pau Navarro and Ariadna Salvador, from Clandestí in Palma on the their Instagram account @clandesti_taller_gastronomic.

Viewers will also be able to interact with chefs and ask questions or even give them ideas for their recipes.

Other chefs lined up to take part in the initiative are: Tomeu Lassio, at Tomeu Lassio Restaurant in Lloseta; Miguel Navarro, at Es Fum in Calvià, who will cook a Milanese risotto "in homage to our Italian colleagues". Joan Canals, from Ulysses in Ciutadella; Miquel Calent, from Can Calent y Cuit in Campos and Palma and Andrés Benítez, from Botanic in Palma,

Andrés Benítez, Botànic

With all the restaurants and bars closed, the chefs want to show solidarity.

"We are living in an unprecedented situation, practically locked in our homes, so let’s take advantage of healthy eating. Eating and dining should be a time of enjoyment and sharing using local produce from the markets,” said Chefsin.


March 18 - Pau Navarro & Ariadna Salvador, from Clandestí, Palma
March 19 - Tomeu Lassio, from Tomeu Lassio, Lloseta
March 20 - Miguel Navarro, from Es Fum, Calvià
March 21 - Joan Canals, from Ulysses, Ciutadella
March 22 - Miquel Calent, from Can Calent y Cuit, Campos & Palma
March 23 - Joan Bagur, Rels, Ciutadella
March 24 - Joan Marc Garcías, from Joan Marc, Inca
March 25 - Miquel Gelabert, from Can March, Manacor
March 26 - Andrés Benítez, from Botànic, Palma