Death toll from coronavirus soars in Spain. | Ultima Hora

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that 655 people died from coronavirus in Spain in the last 24 hours.

There are now 56,188 people infected with Covid-19 throughout the country and 4,089 fatalities since the pandemic began, which is more than in China.

The Director of the Centre for Health Alerts, Fernando Simón, believes that Spain is probably approaching the peak of infections this week.

So far, a total of 31,912 patients have been hospitalised, 3,679 are in the ICU, and 7,015 have been discharged.

Madrid is the worst affected with 17,166 positives, 2,090 deaths, 1,221 ICU patients and 3,882 discharged.

Catalonia is second with 11,592 cases, 672 deaths, 1,021 patients in intensive care and 1,697 discharged.

"The number of new cases over the last few days has grown but that growth is slowing down, although right now, we don’t know how close we are to the start of a decline,” said Dr. Fernando Simón, adding, “the trend has had two turning points, on March 8 and March 13; on this last day the trend softened.