Car parked in an area reserved for loading and unloading.

Car parked in an area reserved for loading and unloading.

27-03-2020Ultima Hora

Delivery truck drivers are complaining that the spaces reserved for loading and unloading goods are full of cars.

The ORA service has been suspended during the coronavirus lockdown so drivers are parking wherever they want.

"They do not take into account that loading and unloading stations cannot be occupied," says the President of the Balearic Goods Transport Association, Ezekiel Horrach.

Employers are appealing to drivers not to use the loading bays to make life easier for the people delivering vital supplies.

"We have to deliver to individuals, pharmacies and grocery stores," says Horrach, who complains that the situation is causing health and safety problems for carriers who have to deliver produce every day, especially in Palma.


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Stan / Hace about 1 year

Both the way the residents drive their 4x4 Gas Guuzzling Planet Polluting vehicles is frightenly disgraceful , along with their hopless ways of Parking their Cars. It is a selfish anxiety, almost panic, to achieve their greed.


Marc / Hace about 1 year

You only have to witness the appalling parking practices in Palma when the ORA are working normally to predict what would happen without them. Utter selfishness.