EFM operatives wear protective suits to treat coronavirus corpses. | EFM


The Ministry of Health has published an order forbidding Funeral Services from charging higher prices for services during the State of Emergency.

Facua says any families affected by price hikes since the restrictions began can claim back the difference and says consumers will have 6 months from the end of the State of Emergency to make a claim.

The Association pointed out that anyone who’s paid for services that were not received "as a consequence of the limitations established by the Government during the State of Emergency,” must also be reimbursed.

This measure will be applicable to all deaths that occurred in Spain whilst the coronavirus restrictions were in place regardless of the reason for death.

The Ministry of Health has prohibited public and private wakes if the death was caused by coronavirus and banned "invasive practices" on the corpse.

The celebration of Religious Cults or Civil Funeral Ceremonies is postponed until the State of Emergency ends and only three family members are allowed to be present during burial or cremation.