Non-essential employees back to work after Easter.

Non-essential employees back to work after Easter.

07-04-2020Susana Vera

The Minister of Transport, Mobility & Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, says the reactivation of non-essential economic activities will begin after Easter but they won’t all happen at once.

"We must begin to return to normal activity whilst preserving security and we are already analysing how to do that," he said, "in order to determine the gradual reactivation of economic and social activities in different sectors, whilst adhering to the required social distancing between workers.”

Minister Ábalos pointed out that the next few weeks of the State of Emergency will require even more constraint.

"We are entering a new phase which requires even more discipline than before, some sectors of the economy will be reactivated but not relaxed," he said.

The reactivation will get underway after Easter, but it will be a gradual process.

“On Monday the 13th, after the Easter holidays, non-essential activity will begin, but it will be a staggered, gradual economic recovery based on "public and economic health criteria,” said Minister Ábalos.

He also mentioned that Urban and Metropolitan Transport would be partially reactivated.

"Mobility will be adapted and structured according to the activities that can be allowed, but medium and long-distance transport between cities will continue to to restricted because it is not a priority,” he said.

Minister Ábalos made it clear that the pandemic containment phase is not over yet.

“It is necessary to value what has been achieved so far, because any hasty measures could crush everything that has already been accomplished.”


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Anne Dalrymple / Hace about 1 year

It would be good if we could go for a walk or a bike ride ....