Soller likely to cancel the Fira & Firó Festival. | Pere Bota


Sóller Town Council hasn’t officially suspended the Fira and Firó Festival, yet, but it looks pretty certain that it will not go ahead because of the coronavirus restrictions.

It's the most important celebration of the year in Soller and contrary to what happens in other municipalities, the Solleric Government Team has so far refused to formally agree to suspend it.

"The Government delegation has advised us to be patient" before making a statement but says "we are all sure that it will be cancelled," Mar Castañer, the Councillor for Fiestas said on Tuesday.

He also says he is in constant contact with the Firó groups and that "it has already been decided that the celebrations will not be moved to any other date this year.

The Fira & Firó Festival always takes place during the second week of May and is a re-enactment of the ‘Moorish’ invasion of 1561 when Arabs tried to lay claim to the town of Soller. They started marching from the Puerto Soller, but the women from the town were having none of it, they covered the path with treacle and attacked the invaders with stone catapults, forcing them to retreat.