Number of coronavirus cases by age group.

Number of coronavirus cases by age group.

10-04-2020Ministry of Health

People aged 40 to 59 are the most affected by coronavirus in the Balearic Islands and 82% of fatalities were over 70 years old, according to Public Health data.

The report, which was updated as of 12 noon on April 7, also shows that the day the largest number people tested positive was Father’s Day, March 19, when 90 patients we confirmed with Covid-19; 51.48% of them were women 48.52% were men.

Coronvirus cases by day and age group.

It also notes that in the Balearic Islands, 44% of the people who are infected are being treated at home, 42% are in hospital and 9% have been admitted to the ICU.

Coronavirus treatment locations


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Yogi / Hace about 1 year

This graph would make more sense with a graph or percentage of each age group that makes up the entire population of the islands. Otherwise these numbers are meaningless and open to considerable misinterpretation. EG: I’m more likely to get C19 if I’m in 50 to 59 category. You cannot say that unless you know what percentage of that age group that number represents. There is a lot of misinformation and jumping-to-wrong conclusions going on out there and stuff like this just adds to it.