The fiestas in Ciutadella. | Josep Bagur Gomila


The midsummer Sant Joan fiestas will not take place; or not in June anyway. The mayor of Ciutadella, Joana Gomila, and the "caixer senyor" (president of the fiestas), Borja Saura, will hold a videoconference on Friday to discuss the situation and consider different "scenarios", but the fiestas in June are to be postponed.

The fiestas require a great deal of organisation and preparation. This includes training for horses and riders, while there are the logistics surrounding the influx of people from outside Minorca: some 30,000.

Borja Saura says that the fiestas must be properly organised and have "full guarantees". Decisions to be made in discussion with the mayor must be "common sense". "We will meet the criteria set by the health authorities to combat the virus."