Not all shops will be included in the discount voucher scheme. | Nuria Rincón


A scheme for discount vouchers is being developed by Palma town hall, which is to spend 500,000 euros in seeking to boost the sales of small shops and bars and restaurants once the confinement is lifted.

Rodrigo Romero, councillor for economic development, says that the scheme will be along the lines of ones that have been adopted in the past, "with quite some success", in the Basque Country. Consumers will be able to buy vouchers worth 20 euros that can be used for purchases of 30 euros or more.

Romero explains that the number of vouchers per person will be limited to two or three and that the intention is to make them available through banks, either from ATMs or via apps.

The exact details of how this scheme will work have yet to be ironed out. These details include identifying which establishments will be included. Romero stresses that the vouchers won't be for large and franchise stores or bars/restaurants. If the scheme proves to be successful, it is likely to be repeated at Christmas.