Mallorca, your home video.

05-05-2020Youtube: MallorcaTourism

The third phase of the #SeeYouSoonMallorca campaign has been launched. Directed at Majorca's main tourism markets, the latest video again adopts a positive tone.

Emphasising Majorca's beauty, the messages are that "this is your home" and that it will be "waiting for you". Produced on behalf of the Council of Majorca's tourism department, the 35-second video highlights the safety of Majorca, a destination where visitors can feel protected when flights resume and people can again enjoy their holidays.

Majorca is home to all those who see the island as the place where they feel welcome and is where hygiene measures will be applied to ensure that stays do not pose any concern. Majorca will be the perfect place to forget the nightmare and to switch off by enjoying the landscape, nature and more.

The previous promotional video got more than 3.5 million views.

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Steven / Hace about 1 year

Very apt for those of us who have a second home in Spain (and were mid residency application). I miss Mallorca. :-(