Palmanova beach, Majorca

Palmanova beach, Majorca

20-05-2020Pilar Pellicer

As the mercury soars, thousands of people are longing to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the crystal clear waters that Majorca is famous for.

But first we need confirmation that we’re allowed to begin Phase 2 of the coronavirus de-escalation plan on Monday, May 25 because that’s when Balearic beaches will reopen with no restrictions on capacity or hours.

Originally the Government said beach access would be delayed until Phase 3 begins on June 8, but finally caved and brought it forward to Phase 2.

Proposals to set capacity limits and specific time slots for beachgoers have also been shelved, but there must be a 2 metre space between groups with a maximum number of 15 people, unless they live in the same house.

“Practising sports, professional or recreational activities is permitted as long as it can be done individually, without physical contact and with a minimum distance of two metres between participants,” according to the new rule.

But with so little time to arrange everything some Municipalities may not have sunbeds and umbrellas on the beach immediately and it might be a while before bars open too.


Phase 2 also signals the start of children’s activities at Municipal Schoolhouses, Youth Spaces and Day Centres.

The President of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Cladera, says a maximum of 30 children will be allowed to attend and they’ll be split into groups of ten.

In Phase 3 a maximum of 60 children will be allowed to attend and activities will be extended to Summer Schools, School Farms, Mixed activities, Sports activities, Conciliation Programs and Volunteer Camps.

All activities must be held outdoors or in ventilated spaces and, if the distance of two meters cannot be maintained, a mask must be worn and occupancy at camps, summer camps and farm schools will be restricted to 50 percent.

Greece: Drones

The Greek Government is monitoring beaches with drones to make sure that the two metre social distancing rule between sunbathers is being followed and has restricted the number of swimmers to 40 per 1000 square metres.

So far, there's been no mention of drones being used in the Balearic Islands.


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