Thousands of lockdown fines are being processed. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

As we approach the end of the state of alarm the state security and police forces are starting to process some 22,800 fines imposed on people who breached the lockdown.

Around 10% or 2,500 will be processed once all doubt about the legality of the fines has been resolved.

The two most common reasons for the fines handed out by the Guardia Civil, National Police and local police officers were repeatedly disobeying the lockdown rules and disrespecting officers.

Penalties for non-compliance range from 600 to 30,000 euros, although the vast majority were actually between 600 and 1,500 euros and around 160 were paid immediately so those fines were reduced by 50%.

1,532 sanctions were issued in Majorca, 250 in Minorca and 719 in Ibiza and the ones imposed in the first weeks of the lockdown were frozen, pending clarification of their legality.

The State Attorney's Office has issued a report stating that the criteria of the Law on Citizen Security must be followed for the processing of these sanction proposals.

The number of fines generated in the last three months is equivalent to 50% of the amount for the whole of 2019.

Despite the significant number of fines imposed, only those guilty of the most uncivil behaviour have been penalised and the various Officers say they prefer to highlight the good behaviour of residents in the Balearic Islands during the coronavirus lockdown.

As the de-escalation process continues, the number of sanctions issued is expected to diminish.