Cala Màrmols is first image of Turespaña advert. | Assumpta Bassa


A stunning photograph of Cala Mármols in the Municipality of Santanyi is the first image that appears in the Turespaña advert and the lighthouse of Formentera also makes an appearance.

The Spanish Tourism Institute is hoping these idyllic images will attract International tourists to the island from July 1 and revitalise the Tourism Sector which has been totally devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Turespaña video has been uploaded to social media sites as part of the 'Spain Is Waiting For You' campaign.

It invites tourists to keep dreaming of Spain, highlights the country’s natural spaces, heritage, beaches and cities and includes a nod to poet Antonio Machado.

The video is available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Chinese and it has been uploaded to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tourism Offices overseas with the hashtag #EspañaTeEspera, or ‘Spain Is Waiting For You’.

As the Tourism Sector gears up again, more content will be added to social networks and by Turespaña to remind tourists of the many reasons they love Spain and the Balearic Islands.

"Spain is ready to receive foreign tourists in safe conditions from July 1 and will do so with the usual affection and hospitality. Through this video we want to encourage you to plan your vacation in our country, where there’s a wide and diverse range of activities to meet all expectations,” said the Secretary of State for Tourism and President of Turespaña, Isabel Oliver.