Over 800 authorisations have been given. | Jaume Morey


Palma town hall has received some 1,000 requests from bars and restaurants which want to occupy parking spaces in order to increase or create terrace spaces. There are currently 820 authorisations, while around one hundred requests have been turned down. This has been because, for example, the parking spaces weren't immediately in front of establishments.

The councillor for interior government, Alberto Jarabo, said on Wednesday that allowing the use of parking spaces has meant that many establishments which didn't have terraces now do have an outdoor area. He added that this has contributed to economic reactivation in the city.

Since the measure was introduced last month, the police have filed 109 reports related to terraces; fourteen of these have been for over-capacity. Jarabo emphasised that there has been agreement with restaurant associations regarding the importance of respecting the rules and that there is awareness of the "consequences of non-compliance".

The councillor stressed that opening hours (to 23.00) must be complied with, that establishments can only use space that corresponds to them, that furniture and umbrellas have to be removed when premises are closed, and that social distancing between tables is essential.