Tourism minister Iago Negueruela in parliament recently. | Jaume Morey


Balearic tourism minister Iago Negueruela is stressing that health protection is the priority for the tourism season and that certain "offers and activities will continue to be clamped down on" because they are not beneficial to health control.

Negueruela was reacting on Monday to calls for protests in Sant Antoni, Ibiza. Businesspeople and employees in Sant Antoni's West End are angered at the government's decision to prohibit the opening of nightlife premises, citing both health controls and the tourism of excesses decree. The minister said that the government's position was "clear" and that closure in tourist zones identified by the decree will be maintained.

Negueruela insisted that "at this particular time, no one can be surprised by the government's decisions to combat certain types of promotion". "This season is special, and it requires special demands."