Vintage Soller Train. | Wendy Wighton Urquhart


The Vintage Soller Railway will be up and running again from Thursday, June 25 and the city's tram is also back on the rails.

The company says a pilot trip without passengers will take place first so that employees can make sure that all the required health and safety protocols are in place.

The reactivation of the train service is great news for 30 employees who’ve been on ERTE and the company says it hopes to get the rest of the workforce back to work as soon as possible.

Oscar Mayol, President, Ferrocarril de Sóller

“We are restarting the engines of the Soller Train and the trams with all the health safety measures in place to ensure our passengers have a safe journey," said Óscar Mayol, President of Ferrocarril de Sóller.

The new health and safety standards affect employees, cleaning companies and passengers and all of the Soller Trains and trams have been inspected by the Balearic Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, Ibassal, who visited the facilities.

The Soller Train will run from Palma to Soller at 1030 and 1845 and from Soller to Palma at 0900 and 1730.

The tram from Soller Town to Puerto Soller will leave every hour, on the hour, from 0800 to 1700 with a final trip at 2000.

Tram departures from Puerto Soller to Soller Town will leave every hour, on the half hour, from 0830 until 1730 with a final trip at 20:30.

Entrance and exit doors to the train have been marked up, 1.5 metre social distancing is mandatory, passengers should wear face masks and disinfectant gel will be made available for those boarding the train or tram.

Now that all the necessary protocols have been adopted, the Soller Train can get back on track without restrictions.

"Although there is no limitation on capacity, we will ask passengers to avoid moving around inside the carriages to reduce possible contact between passengers," said Mayol.

The company will clean and disinfect the carriages and the metal parts of the wagons of the Soller Vintage train and the trams once a day as required by the Health Ministry.

The Soller Railway will also alternate its three train convoys daily, so that the wagons are changed from one day to the next.

Mayol stressed that Tourism is essential to revive the Balearic economy.

"99% of our passengers are tourists and a photo of the train or tram overseas is a great advert for the Island and the town of Soller," said Mayol.

Soller tram