Covid-19 rebound | Bianca de Marchi


The Ministry of Health has reported a rebound in coronavirus deaths and infections in Spain.

17 fatalities were confirmed on Friday in addition to another 21 deaths in the last week, taking the total to 28,385 since the pandemic began.

174 new infections were also reported on Friday, compared to 134 on Thursday, which means 250,545 have been infected altogether.

Around 1,165 people have developed Covid-19 symptoms in the past two weeks, including 352 in the last seven days.

In the last week, 141 people were hospitalised and 13 of them were admitted to an Intensive Care Unit, or ICU.

There have been 2 more fatalities in Andalusia, 2 in Castilla-La Mancha, 4 in Castilla y León, 2 in Cataluña, 7 in Madrid, 3 in the Basque Country and 1 in La Rioja.

The death toll has now reached 1,433 in Andalusia; 912 in Aragon; 334 in Asturias; 224 in the Balearic Islands; 162 in the Canary Islands; 216 in Cantabria; 3,026 in Castilla-La Mancha; and 2,787 in Castilla y León.

A total of 5,673 patients have died in Catalonia; 4 in Ceuta; 1,432 in the Valencian Community; 519 in Extremadura; 619 in Galicia; 8,439 in Madrid; 2 in Melilla; 148 in Murcia; 528 in Navarra; 1,561 in the Basque Country; and 366 in La Rioja.

13,205 people have been infected in Andalusia, an increase of 9 since Thursday; 6,412 in Aragon, 31 more than Thursday; 2,435 in Asturias; 2,228 in the Balearic Islands, up 1 from Thursday; 2,436 in the Canary Islands, up 1 from Thursday; 2,364 in Cantabria; 18,209 in Castilla-La Mancha, 8 more than Thursday; and 19,753 in Castilla y León.

42 new cases have been confirmed in Catalonia taking the total to 62,057; a total of 163 have been infected in Ceuta; 11,630 in the Valencian Community, up 7 since Thursday; 3,047 in Extremadura including 7 new ones); 9,251 in Galicia, 11 more since Thursday;72,168 in Madrid, an increase of 50 since Thursday; 126 in Melilla; 1,697 in Murcia 1,697, up 3 since Thursday; 5,477 in Navarra, up 1; 13,809 in the Basque Country, an increase of 3 and 4,078 in La Rioja.