The state has ownership of the castle walls.

03-03-2019Lola Olmo

Aina Sastre of Més in Alaro says that she and the local party are "disappointed" that the Council of Majorca has not made a request for the purchase of Alaro Castle to be classified as a strategic project.

This classification is linked to the use of tourist tax revenue. The Balearic government is diverting this revenue to other purposes, but if a project is deemed to be strategic, the revenue will still be made available. The use of the tourist tax for the purchase of the castle had been approved, but as no request has been made, it will not be.

Sastre adds she cannot understand why the purchase has been excluded from tourist tax projects. The Council has cited administrative reasons, but "the reality is that the territorial planning department has not taken" the necessary steps. Sastre refers to information supplied to the Més senator, Vicenç Vidal, by the Secretary of State for Cortes Relations - the government department that liaises with Congress and the Senate. In March, Vidal was informed that there was no record of any request having been made with regard to the transfer of ownership of the property.

This was reference to the castle's walls, and Més believe that if the Council were to obtain ownership (which is currently in the name of the state), there would be "full management of the castle estate", which would allow necessary restoration and research.


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Juan love / Hace about 1 year

More importantly, how about an investigation into the unnacounted millions of tourist tax that goes "Missing", every year?


Bert / Hace about 1 year

True, but did you know that your tourist tax money is going to be used to build social housing, something that should be financed by the normal budget, and will be used as a way to garner more votes for the socialist party come the next election ?


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Steve Kane, why would a tourist tax paid by many, benefit a few. The Alaro castle is a tourist attraction, so tourist tax should be spent on that, not on something that should be paid by general and or communal taxes.


Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

Why should I a regular Tourist to the island pay for a run-down castle, I would rather see my hard-earned tourist tax money be spent on services for the disabled tourist such as lowering the kerbs at ALL pedestrian crossings for wheelchairs . or more disabled parking in carparks that would be a better use of the tourist tax.