Temperature testing at a Palma hotel. | Jaime Moreda


The President of the Balearic Hotel Chain Association, or ACH has spoken out about rumours circulating on social media networks claiming that 12-15 guests at one or more Majorcan hotels had contracted Covid-19.

Gabriel Llobera is adamant that there are no Covid-19 infections at any of the hotels in Majorca.

It’s not true, these are hoaxes, they’re absolutely false and I insist that there are no infections and that everyone is complying with the rules,” he said.

Llobera also expressed his discomfort at the possibility that these rumours could undo all the good work that Institutions and Tourist Agencies have done to make sure that Majorca is recognised as a safe destination, where the incidence of the virus is very limited compared to other places.

The first hotels to open in Majorca after the State of Emergency was declared were part of a Pilot Plan in June to test all the Health and Safety protocols and several others have opened since then.

"The Pilot Plan we did was a great success and we cannot throw all that good work away," said Llobera.