Masks compulsory from this weekend regardless of social distancing. | Jaume Morey


Face masks will be compulsory in all public places in the Balearic Islands for anyone over 6 years old from this weekend regardless of social distancing to prevent a resurgence of coronavirus.

It will not be necessary to wear a mask at the beach or when playing sports but it’s not clear whether the ruling will be changed for places where more people come into contact with each other, such as on restaurant and bar terraces or at work.

Those with breathing problems and other illnesses that could be aggravated by using a mask are exempt from the ruling.

At the moment a mask is only mandatory in commercial premises, closed spaces and outdoors when 1.5 metre social distancing isn’t possible.

Anyone caught not wearing a face mask can be fined 100 euros.

There were three new Covid-19 outbreaks on Wednesday and the Health Authorities have warned that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet.

The World Health Organization, or WHO has said that it is possible that coronavirus could be transmitted through the air in closed, crowded and poorly ventilated places.

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The Government is modifying the Decree for the new normal and it will be published in the BOIB on Friday or Saturday and face masks will be compulsory in the Balearic Islands for all residents and tourists from this weekend.

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