Patricia Gómez, Health Minister. archive photo | Ultima Hora

The Health Minister, Patricia Gómez, wants to limit the number of people who can get together for private parties to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Majorca.

Minister Gomez said the strict limits for social gatherings are a direct result of the illegal parties in Majorca and Ibiza in the last couple of weeks.

"Private celebrations will be limited to 70 people if the party is held outdoors, and 30 indoors and at no time will people be allowed to charge for entry," she said.

She also pointed out that the Government is permanently in touch with the Nightlife Sector and insisted that the guidelines are reviewed based on the epidemiological situation and scientific evidence.

Minister Gómez is adamant that making face masks compulsory for anyone over the age of 6, in all public spaces regardless of social distancing, is absolutely necessary.

"The reality is that new patients have mild or asymptomatic symptoms and that forces us to take extreme measures," she said.

Three new Covid-19 outbreaks were confirmed within a week in Majorca, which means there are now nine active outbreaks in the Balearic Islands.

Minister Gómez explained that the Islands are "very fragile territory where the number of visitors increases exponentially" and pointed out that only 1.4% of residents have contracted the disease so far, according to the latest Seroprevalence study.

"We want to guarantee all residents and visitors the maximum protection and security," she said and confirmed that the fine for not wearing a mask on public roads, outdoors or in enclosed spaces for public use will not exceed 100 euros, but warned that "other sanctions are being considered.”

The new Decree Law will include exceptions for those with health problems that would be aggravated by wearing a mask and face coverings are not expected to be mandatory when people are drinking or eating, taking physical exercise, at the beach or at swimming pools.

Minister Gomez has also confirmed that a Decree-Law is being drawn up to establish sanctions for non-compliance with the regulations, but she did not say how long the current restrictions would be in place.