Fewer summer parties in Palma. archive photo. | M. À. Cañellas


There won’t be many summer parties in Palma this year because of the coronavirus pandemic and so far the City Council has only received four applications for permission to hold parties in July.

The need to comply with a whole series of health and social distancing protocols has made it really complicated to hold events, especially now that a 'Declaration of Responsibility’ document has been sent to Neighbourhood Groups and Associations for festive activities.

According to this document, the President of each Neighbourhood Association "will be responsible for any non-compliance with the established rules.”

Some neighbourhood leaders claim this means the Administration can give people permission to have neighbourhood parties without taking any responsibility for them, so Neighbourhood Federations are advising people not to accept the Declaration of Responsibility document and refrain from organising any events.

Citizen Participation Councillor, Alberto Jarabo, admits that the Declaration of Responsibility is a completely different requirement this year because of the coronavirus situation, but confirmed that Palma City Council will continue to provide the same services, such as police and cleaning for all neighbourhood parties.

Safety First

"We have told the Associations that the summer parties can be held, but only if they are sure that they can adhere to all the necessary health and safety protocols," said Councillor Jarbo, who confirmed that in the past it was only necessary to sign the declaration if food was being served at an event.

This year the Declaration of Responsibility Signatory must adhere to all measures stated in the Royal Decree 21/2020, of June 9, comply with health and safety recommendations stipulated by the area of Citizen Participation and "assume full responsibility” for any non-compliance.