Face masks are mandatory from Monday in the Balearic Islands. | P. Pellicer


Face masks are mandatory in all public areas in the Balearic Islands from Monday, regardless of social distancing, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


Face masks must be worn by everyone over the age of 6 on public roads; in public buildings or customer service areas and at family gatherings with more than 70 people outside and more than 30 indoors, if social distancing is not possible.

They are mandatory for all attendees at social, religious or civil events with more than 250 people outside and 150 indoors, even when social distancing is possible, except whilst eating or drinking.

Up to 30 people can participate in Coral Rehearsals and Performances, but they must all wear a mask and respect social distancing.

Face coverings are compulsory for live music bands, except for those playing wind instruments.

Masks must be worn inside cars if all of the passengers don’t live at the same address and Taxi drivers and all passengers must wear a face mask.

Not Compulsory

Face masks are not required at swimming pools, on the beach or whilst eating or drinking at a bar or restaurant.

Those with health problems that would be aggravated by wearing a mask are exempt from the new ruling.

The Balearic Government has taken to Twitter to remind people about the new face mask regulations.

"To curb regrowth and hospitalisations, avoid new confinements and protect us all, from next Monday, always wear a mask," says the tweet.

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Anyone who’s caught not wearing a face mask will be fined 100 euros.