Masks compulsory from Monday in the Balearic Islands. archive photo | P. Pellicer


Masks are definitely mandatory for all residents and visitors to the Balearic Islands from on Monday, July 13.

Anyone caught without a mask will be fined 100 euros, but there will be some leeway during the first few days of the rule.

The regulations will be published in the Official Butlletí of the Community, or BOIB on Monday and be enforced immediately.

Face masks will be compulsory in all public or private places, including bars and restaurants and can only be removed whilst eating and drinking.

Wearing a mask will not be necessary at the beach, at swimming pools, when playing sports or playing a wind instrument.

The resolution by the Health Minister, Patrícia Gómez, which is a modification to the Decree of new normal, also includes capacity restrictions for some activities.

The maximum capacity for outdoor activity is now reduced to 70 people and 30 people if the event is held in a closed space, according to a first draft of the resolution.

A maximum of 250 guests can attend a wedding if the event is held in an open space and 150 if it takes place in a private venue.

The Government is adopting these measures to try to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks like the ones that have happened in Catalonia and Galicia.