Tourists ignore social distancing rules and don't wear masks. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


A crowd of tourists who reportedly partied hard on Friday night in Calvia started up again at a popular beach club on Saturday in broad daylight.

Video shared on social media shows cartloads of alcohol being wheeled around the pool while partygoers hang out on sunbeds or keep cool in the pool with drinks in hand, zero social distancing and not a mask in sight.

Local residents are shocked at the sheer recklessness of the tourists and claim the Police are not doing enough to shut down the partying.

Punta Ballena

Local Police are out in force in Punta Ballena this weekend to keep a lid on the crowds there and make sure everyone is respecting the Covid-19 protocols. Officers say any establishments that don’t comply with the rules will be fined.

Playa de Palma

Police patrolling Playa de Palma on Saturday night said everything there was under control, that there was no crowding and capacity rules and health protocols were being followed.

Last weekend National and Local Police joined forces to stamp out illegal street raves in Palma which have become a common occurrence.