Tourists partying in Punta Ballena on Friday. | Youtube: Ultima Hora


There were so many German tourists in Calle de la Cerveza, in Playa de Palma on Saturday night that it was impossible to respect social distancing in the street or in bars and the only people wearing face masks were the waiters.

National and Local Police were on patrol but the crowd was so huge it was almost impossible to control, so an Elite Police Unit or IPU is being deployed to the area from Sunday.

Local Police on patrol in Punta Ballena.

Local Police and Guardia Civil Officers were also out in force in Punta Ballena on Saturday night and had to deal with a string of incidents.

A DJ was arrested for alleged drug trafficking, another man was charged with alleged robbery and at least three places were cited for excessive noise.

None of the English tourists were wearing face masks and some were reportedly complaining about the poor atmosphere in Majorca this year.

When they were forced to vacate the bars in Punta Ballena at 2 o’clock in the morning, they congregated in the streets and started singing so loudly they could be heard a kilometre away.

At least one English tourist has been arrested for causing thousands of euros worth of damage by jumping up and down on a parked car in Magalluf on Friday.