Calvia beach club may be sanctioned.

Calvia beach club may be sanctioned.

11-07-2020Ultima Hora

Official action may be taken against a Calvia beach club that allowed crowds of tourists to party without respecting any of the coronavirus protocols on Saturday.

Video uploaded to social media networks showed dozens of tourists drinking and lounging around a swimming pool, with not a face mask in sight and zero social distancing.

Calvia Mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez, says that "the Municipality will not put up with this type of behaviour, we do not want anything to delay the recovery or put people at risk."

Over the weekend, Security Forces reportedly intervened at more than 50 premises and private parties which were not respecting the measures established to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


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David / Hace about 1 year

I think the blame falls just as much with the legislature for allowing businesses of this type to reopen. Let’s be frank, you can’t open Nikki Bech with people wearing masks and social distancing. So why allow it to reopen at all?


Sarah / Hace about 1 year

Why is it only, maybe take action? It should be 100% that action is taken against this club. Absolutely shocking behaviour. Most people have sacrificed their freedom during lockdown, for what?


Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

Again PROFIT before SAFETY close it down for the rest of the season perhaps that will teach the owners to be more aware of the dangers


James T / Hace about 1 year

Take away their drinks license!