Attitude to Police could determine amount of fine for not wearing a mask. | Michel


How people respond to Police when they’re asked to put on a face mask could determine how much they’re fined and Officers must detail that response in their reports.

Public Administrations Minister, Isabel Castro and Health Minister, Patricia Gómez have sent a circular to Local Police in the Balearics outlining the criteria of action and interpretation that the Officers must follow when they process complaints, said the Regional Department of Public Administrations & Modernisation in a statement.

Local Police in different Municipalities of the Balearic Islands must warn those who are not wearing a mask of the consequences if they don’t comply with the mandatory mask ruling but will not impose fines until July 20.

The document sent to Local Police includes the circumstances that must be stated to reflect the facts reported along with some fundamental criteria to help Officers determine what sanction is applicable, which could range from 25 to 100 euros, depending on the circumstances.

The reports issued by the Local Police from July 20 onwards must include, the name, address and ID of the person or persons reported, where the breach occurred and its characteristics, the number of people affected by the non-compliance and the circumstances in which it occurred.

They must also include "the exact answer given to the request, the persistence or not in the commission of the infringement and the possible refusal to comply, if applicable."

Police will also be required to include information about any repeat offenders.