Civil Protección Officers in the Balearic Islands. | Ajuntament de Palma


51 people have been for not wearing a face mask in the Balearic Islands between 0800 on Monday and 0800 on Tuesday.

Facial protection has been mandatory since July 13, but fines were not imposed until Monday, July 20.

11 reports were issued by the National Police, including 10 in Palma and one in Ibiza.

Local Police issued 33 reports, although there may be more that have not been counted yet.

26 of them were issued by Local Police in Ibiza, one in Mahón and 6 in Ciutadella.

The other 7 were issued by the Guardia Civil.

All of the reports will be processed by the Government and fines for not wearing a face mask range from 25-100 euros, depending on the behaviour of offenders.

Before sanctioning the Officers are warning people of the obligation to wear a mask and fines are usually imposed on people who refuse to wear them and repeat offenders.

Officers say the response from the public has been quite good so far and the majority of people are complying with the face mask ruling.

Palma City Council has launched an information campaign advising residents and tourists where and when a face mask is compulsory.

The Ajuntament de Palma tweeted: Civil protection is carrying out an information campaign on the use of masks in Palma. Remember, it is mandatory to wear a face mask on the street, in shops, in enclosed spaces for public use, in spaces with Customer Services and in the open air within the City Centre. Use it well!