New Covid-19 restrictions in Catalonia. | Nacho Doce


Catalonia has shut down all nightlife activity in the entire Community as coronavirus infections soar to nearly 1,000.

922 people have been diagnosed with the virus and the statistics show an increase in cases amongst the over 65’s and the young and many of them had no symptoms.

The worst affected Community is Aragon with 298 infections, followed by Catalonia with 133, Madrid with 107, Navarra with 93 and Andalusia with 70 and surveillance has been intensified in Barcelona and Zaragoza.

In the last seven days there were 921 new cases in Catalonia, 229 in Madrid, 194 in Aragon, 154 in Navarra and 136 in the Basque Country.

Aragon, Catalonia and Madrid account for 60% of new infections in the last 24 hours with 1,343 in Catalonia, but some of those were from previous days.

Propagation focus

After several outbreaks of Covid-19 in various areas of Spain over the last week, nightlife has become the focus of attention and the Health Authorities in all regions have started shutting down or limiting activities.

In Catalonia, the Generalitat ordered the closure of all discos, dance halls, nightclubs and shows to try to stop the transmission of the virus. All musical activities, dance floors and outdoor spaces have also been suspended.

Madrid has restricted nightlife but has not imposed an outright ban.

Castilla-La Mancha has announced that new regulations are awaiting approval which will require anyone entering nightlife venues after 0100 to supply their ID and phone number in order to facilitate tracking in the event of Covid-19 infection.