Urbanization of Ses Cadenes, s’Arenal. | P. Pellicer


The Health Department has confirmed a new coronavirus outbreak amongst a group of people living together in a garage in the urbanization of Ses Cadenes, in s’Arenal.

Five people have been confirmed positive for Covid-19, 4 who are asymptomatic and 1 with symptoms have been hospitalised and 3 others are under surveillance.

It is the second outbreak amongst people living in overcrowded conditions who are not related. On Sunday 7 people who were asymptomatic and 3 with symptoms from s’Arenal were hospitalised.

"These are flats with complicated living conditions where transmission is easy," said Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Committee.

"There have been meetings with NGOs, and in other areas, to find out how we can reach these people, because sometimes it’s difficult for them to contact the Health Services," he said.


There have been 9 new outbreaks in the Balearic Islands in the last week, including the two in s’Arenal and three of them were amongst family members. The most serious affected 17 people and only two of them had symptoms. There was also one social outbreak in Minorca and three other mixed ones that affected family, social and work areas.

A total of 68 new coronavirus infections have been detected as a result of these new outbreaks, 19 people had symptoms and 5 of them were hospitalised. 49 of those infected were asymptomatic and 24 were transferred to Health Centres to ensure proper isolation.

"We have more cases but almost 75% of those detected in the last outbreaks have no symptoms, and only 8% of the rest have had to be admitted to a hospital to ensure proper isolation."

There are now 23 active outbreaks in the Balearic Islands.

“We are having more cases because there are more infections in other places as well and because we have a significant capacity for detection. Madrid has 185 trackers and we have more than 160,” said Dr Arranz.