Park Hyatt Mallorca Hotel Complex, Capdepera. | Park Hyatt


The American Hotel chain Hyatt has left the Management of the Park Hyatt Mallorca Hotel complex in Canyamel, in Capdepera, because in recent years the objective of having facilities open at full capacity all year round were not being met.

It is bad news for Majorca, mainly because we have lost a worldwide hotel reference. The decision of the American hotel group was motivated by the fact that the Island had lost connectivity during recent winters, which affected Marketing and Management goals,” said Cap Vermell Group Administrator & CEO, Antoni Mir. “Hyatt's departure means we lost a trademark, but not the hotel, the resort will now be managed under our Cap Vermell brand, so we can guarantee about 210 jobs in maximum operational activity, of which 85 are fixed."

According to Mir, the last customer at the Park Hyatt Mallorca Hotel left on March 15 and since then the establishment has been closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our goal is to reopen it under our own management in March 2021,” he said.


The Park Hyatt Mallorca Hotel has 142 rooms, 14 of them are suites and two are Presidential. It also has a large spa and four restaurants and is highly popular with German and British tourists.

The construction of the hotel complex involved an outlay of more than one hundred million euros, which was entirely financed by a Qatari investment fund.