New shopping centre planned for Palma. | A.S.


The General Director of Commerce, Miguel Piñol, Pimeco and Afedeco have agreed to start the initial phase of the Open Sky Shopping Centre project in Palma.

Afedeco and Pimeco proposed the creation of a large shopping centre in the Balearic capital during the last legislature, in a bid to enhance existing trade in the area.

Merchants are extremely concerned about the upcoming Christmas campaign, under the motto 'Palma, tot un Center de Diversió' according to Afedeco and Pimeco.

Many of the activities that are usually carried out in the city at Christmas have yet to be confirmed, because employers are waiting to see what happens with the coronavirus pandemic before closing contracts and that’s causing some instability within the Sector.

Piñol says he is committed to helping revitalise local businesses in the centre of Palma and boost their economic recovery.

Piñol, Pimeco and Afedeco agreed to create a line of work to determine what action is needed “to recover the former splendour of Palma,” they said.