People wearing masks to protect against Covid-19.

People wearing masks to protect against Covid-19.

07-08-2020Josep Bagur Gomila

The coronavirus pandemic is growing faster in the Balearic Islands than anywhere else in Spain.

According to data from the Ministry of Health last Sunday, the Balearic Islands has an R number of 1.26 compared to 1.12 in the rest of the country.

There was a notable increase in new daily infections on Friday, July 24 and on Friday, August 7, 111 new cases were confirmed, taking the total number of infections to 595.

The rate of infection in the Balearic Islands is 52.1 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days and 34.36 in the last week.

The Ministry of Health claims the reason for the increasing number of cases in the Balearics is due to good detection and tracking, with an average of 6 contacts located for each contagion.

The latest figures from Carlos III show that the Canary Islands has the best tracking, with between 3 and 27 close positive contacts and the rate of infection is 8.03 per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days, and 5.53 in the last week.


IB-Salut treated 791 coronavirus patients on Friday, 99 of them were hospitalised, 9 were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit in critical condition and 692 are receiving treatment from Outpatient Clinics. 100 Healthcare Workers under surveillance, and 17 are infected.


A nurse who works in a Private Clinic and in the DomusVi Residence in Palma has tested positive for coronavirus and the Centre has been closed as a precaution whilst a massive screening operation is carried out.


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rich / Hace about 1 year

we have hospitals for a treat the more seriously sick people(being it a broken leg or covid). Lets accept that covid is here to stay and therefore keeping the death figure low is a prkority, this seems to be being achieved quite well. The spanish flu killed just under 3% of the worlds population! Do the figures yourself, this covid thing is the worlds first social media pandemic. When are we going to get some actual statistics that are broken down for more intricate anaysis, we're not all dumbo 'twatteres' and keyboard warriors.


Rob / Hace about 1 year

The only successful strategy so far is social distancing. It doesnt prevent it/ cure it but limits the infection.Bringing in anybody , particularly from high infection countries like the UK ,without correct controls is a huge risk. There are now talks of outbreaks in tourist regions such as Alcudia and Can Picafort . UK invasion has huge potential for a second wave


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

And it will rise even more, as this is how a virus works. Interesting info coming from the UK: for every 3 corona deaths another 2 extra died due to the lockdown. According to a UK government analist, 2 months of lock down caused 16.000 extra deaths.

Locking people in their houses does not make the virus go away. It kills people in fact.