Healthcare Professional, Son Espases Hospital.

Healthcare Professional, Son Espases Hospital.

11-08-2020Marcelo Sastre

The Ministry of Health confirmed 228 new positive cases of Covid-19 in the Balearic Islands on Tuesday, the highest number of infections in one day since the start of the health crisis.

There were no new coronavirus fatalities reported on Tuesday.

The number of active cases has increased by 449 in the last week to 1,028.

1,364 people are being treated for coronavirus, 99 are hospitalised, 10 are in the Intensive Care Units and 1,265 are receiving Primary Care at home.

In Majorca, 93 people are hospitalised, 10 of them are in the ICU and 1,192 are receiving Primary Care at home.

In Minorca there are no coronavirus patients in Mateu Orfila Hospital and 21 are receiving Primary Care at home.

In Ibiza, 6 people are hospitalised and 52 are receiving Health Centre treatment at home.

218 Healthcare Professionals are currently under surveillance; 191 in Majorca, 6 in Minorca and 21 in Ibiza.

38 Healthcare Professionals have contracted coronavirus; 35 in Majorca, 1 in Minorca and 2 in Ibiza.

Public Hospital Laboratories have carried out 166,824 PCR tests, 10,823 rapid antibody tests and 33,155 serologies.

One Nursing Home resident and 7 Healthcare Professionals are Covid-19 positive and there are no active cases in residences for people with disabilities.

3,608 people in the Balearic Islands have been diagnosed with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, 232 have died and 2,348 have beaten the disease.


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Donna / Hace about 1 year

@ward - very very true!


Ward / Hace about 1 year

Mallorcians are a constant source io amusement! Both arrogant and ignorant to the outside world. Stay locked down, or accept the trade off for the legal tender! You want us Brits and then again you dont! You object when we impose isolation laws for uk subjects, and then spitefully in retaliation attempt illegal entry into Gibraltar waters. You've recently spiked again with over 200 new cases, undoubtedly received from us! You dont want us, just our money! You are veritable mercenaries! Brits have supported your economy for centuries! Indeed you are a constant source of amusement! Latest news shows your port authority directors being arrested on corruption charges! Nothing new there then! Regroup guys, change your attitude and enjoy your short time on this planet. With everybody else on it! More overly be grateful for what you receive.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

My daughter in Switzerland got diagnosed with corona last week. All fine, just some minor side effects. But my god, the Swiss authorities have been interrogating her every day for hours, where she was, who she met, which bar, which shop, etc etc, her every move, minute by minute. All these people got notifications, bars got closed, etc. Here......well, if u are not that ill, we won´t test you or you have to pay it yourself.


STAN / Hace about 1 year

Very disappointing figures for further infections in the Baleares. I wonder why there is this Increase?. There must be people on the Islands who are not taking the regulatory precautions. The UK has put a 14-day quarantine rule on The Baleares. BUT not on Turkey or Greece. It follows that many Tourists are travelling to those countries. What are Turkey and Greece doing, to not qualify for quarantining?. Or are these countries not making Virus Infections public.


John Reeves / Hace about 1 year

Will they disclose the source of the positive cases? Is to from Spaniards via the mainland or is it overseas tourists? Unless you know, you cannot take appropriate action. My guess is that it is coming in from the likes of Barcelona, Madrid et al and these people are not tested on arrival. The tourist season in Mallorca is already blighted and this data will, no doubt, kill it off.


Red / Hace about 1 year

Is this getting out of control


Yogi / Hace about 1 year

And still silence from the Govt upon any meaningful action? What are they doing? For weeks there has been no controls on domestic travellers and no intensive messaging or enforcement of the social distancing, mask wearing and sanitation rules. It’s all gotten far too late and we’ll all soon be back to square one.


Kenny Wilson / Hace about 1 year

I think there's no doubt we're at the start of the predicted 2nd wave.