Dr Javier Arranz, Spokesperson for the Regional Committee on Infectious Diseases & Health Minister Patricia Gómez. | CAIB


A warning has been issued for young people after two patients, with no previous pathologies, were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, or ICU with coronavirus.

Health Minister, Patricia Gómez, pointed out that the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in the Balearic Islands is increasing and that the majority of cases are young and healthy people, who are asymptomatic.

“This is not the time to trivialise,” said Minister Gómez. “The origin of these cases is family or social events, which leads the Government to think that it has to take more measures, so we will work on a line of early prevention and restrictions to cut the chains of transmission of the virus.”

She also said that screening of the most affected groups in areas where contagion is high will take place in the coming weeks.

190 people are now tracking contacts of positive cases and there are plans to increase the team to 250