Health Centre staff overloaded with work. | EFE


Representatives of the Doctors Union, Simebal and Nurses Union SATSE are warning that many Health Centres in Majorca are operating amid utter chaos.

There鈥檚 not enough nurses to detect Covid-19 positives, carry out PCR tests, do tracking, make telephone follow-ups, care for the chronically ill and deal with home emergencies in addition to daily demand," tweeted SATSE.

鈥淲e have detected cases of anxiety, crisis and "burnout" in the nursing community and some are even considering giving up their temporary contracts,鈥 claimed another SATSE tweet.

Doctors have described the situation as "a massive haemorrhage" and say the "lack of investment in Primary Care and the Government's management of the situation is to blame.鈥

Simebal says there鈥檚 not enough trackers and claims 鈥the work is being done by Health Centre Doctors who are worn-out."

The Unions say that Health Centres are completely saturated and that their members are juggling telephone consultations, face-to-face consultations, patient circuits and home visits which adds up to an 鈥渦nbearable鈥 workload.