Playa de Palma, Majorca. | P.Lozano


Germany's decision to add the Balearic Islands to its list of coronavirus risk zones "will have immediate economic consequences in the Balearic Islands,” according to María Frontera, President of the Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca or FEHM.

“Hoteliers and agents in the tourist chain have made a huge effort to reactivate activity in the Balearic Islands and this is very bad news for our community," she said. “The Island's Tourism Companies have worked "intensively" to adopt measures and protocols and give workers the necessary training in order to guarantee the safety and security of both employees and visitors.”

She also stressed that "there are hardly any contagions among tourists” but acknowledged that "there has not been the same awareness on the part of some groups at local level."

Frontera says she will wait and see how events unfold and has also called for "exhaustive controls" at all ports and airports in the Balearic Islands.