Local Security Board Meeting, Inca. | Ultima Hora


Security has been stepped up in public spaces in Inca after an increase in crime and fights.

The Local Security Board met on Tuesday to evaluate public safety in the city with Government Delegate, Aina Calvo, Mayor Virgilio Moreno, and Representatives from the Council, Local Police and Guardia Civil in attendance.

They discussed a series of one-off incidents which have occurred in the Serral de ses Monges, Plaza dels Pobladores, s'Ermita, El Puig de Santa Magdalena and other areas of the city in recent weeks and the City Council agreed to strengthen surveillance in public spaces and parks.

Most of the problems in Inca are related to common crime, fights and large crowds which are not allowed under the current Covid-19 restrictions.

There's been an increase in domestic violence incidents in 2020 and Mayor Moreno said "the Commission on Gender Violence will be convened soon to analyse the latest data and decide what new actions are necessary."


They also talked about Inca’s traditional fairs, particularly the Dijous Bo which is the biggest one in Majorca with hundreds of stalls offering arts and crafts, competitions and live music. Under normal circumstances the city streets are packed with hundreds of thousands of people. No final decision has been taken yet, but the Dijous Bo is unlikely to happen this year.

"We all know that it will not be possible to hold mass events and we will have to adapt,” said Mayor Moreno.