Union demands nursing staff in schools. | EFE


For years, the Nursing Union, SATSE, has called for nurses to be installed in schools to promote health in the educational community and SATSE's demands have the support of the ANPE and various other Associations and Federations.

Having nurses in schools has gone from being necessary to being essential because of the coronavirus pandemic and their skills range from basic care to drug control and health education,” says Litha Otero, SATSE Secretary in the Balearics.

Otero said nurses will make sure the necessary protocols are followed and provide a safer environment for students “because they can detect coronavirus cases at an early stage, monitor transmissions and coordinate with Public Health services.


Otero stressed that having nurses in schools doesn’t just offer students a safer environment during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s also an investment in their long term health.

"The reality is we are the second European country with the highest rate of childhood obesity, 50% of sexual transmissions occur in young people between 15 and 24 years and 15% of students suffer from chronic diseases,” he said.