BlueSea Hotel, School & Park in Plaza Estació, s'Arenal. | J. Socies


Col·legi Sant Vicenç de Paül in Arenal, the Teachers’ Cloister, Amipa and the Llucmajor Town Hall are demanding the immediate closure of a ‘Covid Hotel a few metres from the school.

"We have an uncomfortable situation that’s making parents uneasy,” said pedagogical Director, Victoria Tébar.

She pointed out that besides being very close to the hotel it’s also in the square that’s been assigned for student use by Llucmajor Town Hall and said a formal request to relocate the hotel has been sent to the Department of Education.

"We know that the Education Department has transferred the demand to the Ministry of Health and IMAS,” she said. “We understand the need to create these spaces and we are sure that the protocol will be followed and nothing will happen. But the educational community is uneasy and it’s uncomfortable having the hotel in this vicinity.”

Amipa has also sent a letter outlining its disagreement over the BlueSea Hotel being used to quarantine people with Covid-19.

It is a few metres from the school and a park that the City Council has given us so that ESO students can recess at the same time as other Primary school pupils,” it said.


The President of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, has apologised to Llucmajor Mayor Éric Jareño for not informing him that the hotel had been chosen for people in quarantine for Covid-19.

On Friday Mayor Jareño heavily criticised the Ministry of Health and IMAS for the lack of information saying it was completely inappropriate to put a ‘Covid Hotel’ next to a school.