New mask rules in Spain. archive photo. | M. À. Cañellas


The Ministry of Consumer Affairs is developing new regulations for face masks to make sure they provide adequate protection against coronavirus.

The procedure has already been initiated and the text has been sent to public consultation to change the labelling, packaging and advertising requirements of these products, to make sure that the public is aware of the characteristics and purpose of these products.

Consumers need to know exactly how many times face masks can be washed before they lose effectiveness and what materials should be used, according to Consumo.

The use of inscriptions, signs, anagrams, drawings or indications that may mislead consumers about the type of mask they’re buying will be banned.

The use of interchangeable filters will also be regulated, because they are usually marketed separately from sanitary masks and are not currently regulated.

Non-compliance with labelling, packaging and advertising rules for face masks will be considered an infraction and result in sanctions, according to Consumo.

Hygienic face masks have become popular amongst people who are asymptomatic which has led to a boom in products on the market, but many of them don't comply with the minimum requirements for facial protection.

In recent days several health centres have banned people from accessing their facilities if they’re wearing fabric masks.