The hospitality sector will take another hit because of the curfew. | Archive

On Sunday, the president of the CAEB Confederation of Balearic Business Associations, Carmen Planas, said that she regretted the declaration of the new state of alarm. It had been approved, despite the "great efforts" made by the private sector to comply with health protocols, while it also demonstrated "great failures". Administrations "have not been up to it and have been unable to meet their obligations".

"This failure in the health management of the pandemic is going to be paid for by all citizens, not only in health terms but also economically."

The CAEB president called for "health guarantees" for ports and airports and stated that the Christmas and Easter periods will be ruined if the state of alarm is prolonged. Planas also demanded a further package of aid measures so that "the economy and employment do not collapse completely". "The mismanagement of the pandemic will cause unprecedented damage to the economic health of the citizens of the Balearics."

The president of the Pimem restaurants association, Eugenia Cusí, believed that the restrictions had been adopted "behind the backs of those affected". "It is a very regrettable decision. The curfew reflects political, not health criteria."

The state of alarm and the curfew have been adopted without taking into account the economic consequences for a sector that employs 55,000 workers in Mallorca. This is a sector which is one of the engines of the economy, and it has largely remained open during these difficult times, unlike some other sectors.

Cusí, who hopes to meet the Balearic government this week, estimates that 15% of establishments were unable to open during the summer and that 30% are now planning on either hibernating until next year or closing completely.

In the view of Carmen Planas, "the Canary Islands have embarrassed the Balearic Islands". "The lack of control of the pandemic has reduced us to the Canaries sourcing foreign tourism markets as important as the UK and Germany." The UK and German governments are keeping the Balearics out of their recommendations for travel.